Introduction of Stabilizer

Voltage Stabilizer protects your expensive machines.

That’s correct. Most of the Indian cities and Industrial belts receives erratic power supply due to voltage fluctuation in both the directions(up and down). The impact of this voltage fluctuation harms the expensive and sensitive appliances. Also the impact of voltage fluctuation directly hits the electricity consumption, which unfortunately is ignored by most of the people.

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  • What is the impact of Voltage Fluctuation and Power Surge?

Majority all the appliances are sensitive to the Voltage Fluctuation. The Voltage Fluctuation as well as Power Surge may over heat or causes damage to sensitive appliances and their electronic circuitry. The damage may even extend to irreparable level consequently causing huge opportunity cost.

  • What is the standard input voltage in India?

In India, for single phase connection, the standard allowable input voltage level is 220 V – 240 V AC and for three phase it is 390 – 420 V AC. Usually three phase supply is divided into 3 phase lines in single phase each of 220 – 240 V AC.

  • How to protect the appliances from these Voltage fluctuation then?

The answer is obvious. Voltage Stabilizer. As the name suggests a Stabilizer provides stable voltages to the appliances, there by not only protecting them but also increasing their life span.
Irrespective of fluctuations or variations in mains line, the operating voltages are stabilized by the Servo Stabilizer to the desired range.

  • How much electricity does a Voltage Stabilizer utilize?

That depends on the efficiency of a Voltage Stabilizer. Generally it is 95-98% efficient. It means they consume about 2-5% of the maximum load. So if you have 1KVA Stabilizer, it would consume about 50 Watts.

  • What is difference between Single phase and Three phase Voltage Stabilizer?

Single Phase Stabilizer is generally required to stabilize voltages for equipment having single phase motor whereas Three Phase Stabilizer is required for providing stabilized voltage to a three phase motor or for stabilizing voltage for a full three phase setup.

  • Which is the right type of Voltage Stabilizer?

SARAL SYSTEMS Servo Stabilizer; for its high operating efficiency and practically no distortion factor to supply line. The input voltage range vis. a vis. the desired output voltage permissible level as well as total connected load capacity in KVA decides the major parameters of a Stabilizer.

  • Protection and Fault indicators

SARAL SYSTEMS Servo Stabilizer outputs are protected against over voltage, under voltage and over load conditions by dedicated sensing devices and tripping arrangements. Suitable time delays are provided to protect load from tripping conditions. The fault conditions are indicated to correct the fault situations.

  • Monitoring of input and output parameters

SARAL SYSTEMS Servo Stabilizer usually incorporate LCD or LED type multi-function meters to monitor input and output phase to phase and phase to neutral voltage parameters, load current of each phase, operating frequency of supply and status of the output. This helps user to keep log of operating parameters and check the operating conditions periodically.