SARAL’s 50KVA Three Phase Air Cooled Voltage Stabilizer caters to the industries and other users who are in the medium power range.

With the latest design and state of art of technology incorporated, SARAL’s 50KVA Three Phase Air Cooled Voltage Stabilizer senses the high rise or low dip of the input voltage and automatically provides stable output voltages there by protecting these machines.

SARAL’s 50KVA Three Phase Air Cooled Voltage Stabilizer, works with different combination of input voltage variations range and output voltage desired. It is specially designed to cater the sensitive machines that requires stable and spike-less power for carrying out its functions. The Voltage Stabilizer provides stable output voltages and enables protection of various critical circuitry of the costly appliances.


  • Mechanical Enclosure


The sturdy mechanical enclosure with easy accessibility of each component and good aesthetics adds to the value of the capital item. Powder coating of exterior with good electroplating of all hardware make the medium range 50KVA Three Phase Air Cooled Voltage Stabilizer rust-resistant.

  • Cooling


SARAL’s 50KVA Three Phase Air Cooled Voltage Stabilizer is designed for AIR COOL version as per the latest stipulation and full capacity of output is guaranteed for ambient temperature range between 0 to 50 degree C. The Voltage Stabilizer is equipped with proper natural ventilation by providing suitable air inlets and outlets.

  • Protection and Display System


SARAL’s 50KVA Three Phase Air Cooled Voltage Stabilizer has Micro controller based programmable systems that protects the sensitive and expensive equipment from

  • Over voltage,
  • Under voltage
  • Overload
  • Short Circuit
  • Single phasing conditions.

Digital display of input and output phase to phase and phase to neutral voltage makes system most users friendly. Each phase is sense and corrected independently to make unit suitable for unbalanced input and unbalanced output conditions. Suitable indications are provided for normal and fault conditions.

Salient Feature of 50KVA Three Phase Air Cooled Voltage Stabilizer

  • Maximum Efficiency better than 95%
  • Low Internal Impedance
  • Zero Phase Shift
  • No Effect on System Power Factor
  • No Effect on Frequency Variation
  • Zero Waveform Distortion
  • Fast Correction Rate at speed of 35v/second.
  • Protections : Under Voltage/ Over Voltage cutoff at output. Overload protection at Input
  • A very high output voltage accuracy of +/- 1.0 % [1.5 % to 5 % optional]

Technical Specifications of 50KVA Three Phase Air Cooled Voltage Stabilizer

Std. Input Voltage Range 310 V To 450 V
Ext. Input Voltage Range 260 V To 470 V
Output Voltage 380 V/ 400 V/ 415 V
Output Regulation +/- 1.0 % of the set output voltage
Frequency Range 45 Hz To 65 Hz
Efficiency Better Than 95 %
Waveform Distortion Nil
Capacity in KVA 50KVA
Cooling Forced Air Cooled
Optional Features Load distribution switchgears
and panels Surge suppressors
and line conditioners
Protection The unit has built in alarm and protection for adjustable output under voltage, over voltage, over load with suitable delay time to trip the output. MCB will be provided at the output for overload protection. Back up fuses will be provided at the input.
Operating Temperature 0 – 50 deg C 95% RH (Max.)