What is the Role of SARAL SYSTEMS?

We at SARAL SYSTEMS have manufactured all kind of Rectifiers working from Single Phase input or Three phase input systems and delivering Voltage from 5 V to 500 V DC and current ranging from 5 A to 5000 A in various configuration.  It uses conventional motorised Variac automatic control systems to classical series regulator circuitry to well advanced micro controller based systems to give desired output ratings.

The Rectifiers are also provided with filter circuit to minimize operating ripple content to get better end results. All rectifiers are having digital metering to monitor operating systems parameters.  Additional features of timer, ampere minute counters cum totalizer, temp. controller of  bath and data loggers are incorporated as per process requirements.

All rectifiers have protections against over load, short circuits and other conditions as encounter in actual process.

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  • What are Rectifiers?


Rectifiers are AC to DC converters using conventional Rectifier diodes or Silicon Controlled Rectifiers or MOS FET or IGBT based solid state electronics components and hence named Rectifiers.

  • What are the types of Rectifiers?


Rectifiers are available in wide range and name as per the end applications and power ratings. The rectifiers have following types:

a) AC to DC rectifiers for DC generation

b) Electro Plating Rectifiers

c) Anodizing Rectifiers

d) Rectifiers for Battery Charging

e) Precision grade DC Source

f) Arc Welding Rectifiers

g) DC Motor Drive Rectifiers

h) Plasma Rectifiers.

  • What are Rectifiers and Anodizing Rectifiers?


Electrolysis process is applied in Electroplating and Anodizing process where Chemical process of depositing different metallic coatings on base metallic or non metallic surface by passing  DC current between two electrodes.  Usually Cathode is tied to the article which is being coated with other metal deposition like copper, nickel, chrome, silver, gold, platinum etc.

In anodizing process aluminium oxide is generated on aluminium surface of the article to protect it from weather conditions or give very hard surface coating to the article.

  • What are the types of Rectifiers?


a) Heavy deposition power Rectifiers

b) Precision grade precious metal plating rectifiers

c) General purpose Laboratory Rectifiers

d) Pulse electroplating rectifiers

e) Automatic Reversal type rectifiers.

f) Process controller based Rectifier with PLC logic

  • What are the important Parameters of Electro Plating Rectifiers and Anodizing Rectifiers?


The selected chemicals and process adopted decides the important parameters of rectifiers.

The allowable operating voltage and maximum rated current to be passed from rectifier are basic important design parameters.

  • In which Industry Rectifiers are used?


Rectifiers are used in various industries viz.

 a)  Manufacturing Industry
 b) Fashion and Jewelery industry
 c)  Furniture and fixture industry
d) Aluminium utensils industry