What is the Role of SARAL SYSTEMS?

SARAL SYSTEMS, in its Anodizing Rectifer, uses new cutting edge technology.
With the result, it not only helps in decreasing the total duration time of anodizing process to the tune of 50 to 60 % but also gives better colour and deposition of target microns and hardness.

With the help of our Anodizing Rectifier, the manpower is fully utilized and the quality and repeatability of anodizing provides good end results. The surface finish is uniform and process automation as well power efficiency has resulted in total cost realization of the new plant.

Anodizing Rectifier

  • What are the advantage of  SARAL’s Anodizing Rectifier?

Installing SARAL’s Anodizing Rectifier have various advantages

  • The entire process time of Anodizing is reduced to half from the conventional 3-4 hours.
  • Savings in electrical energy cost
  • Savings in cost of electricity on chilling plant for cooling required as well as manpower/labour cost
  • Achieves uniform surface finish and better colour on the end product by achieving the right percentage of deposition of target microns and hardness.
  • Protection used in Anodizing Rectifier
  • Voltage RC snubber circuits against Surge across active devices.
  • Automatic main breaker with door lock against Internal Short Circuit. Extra fast fuse series connected to each SCR with trip indication.
  • SCR firing pulse generator protects device against Fast Overload & Short Circuit.
  • DC output current limiting device against Overload
  • Max temperature thermostats placed in the transformer windings and on SCR heat sinks to protect against over temperature.
  • Thermal magnetic protection switches against auxiliary circuits failure.
  • Phase sequence reversal/phase loss protection device, and low air flow protection.
  • In which Industry Anodizing Rectifier is used?

Anodizing Rectifier are used in various industries viz.

  • Furniture and fixture industry
  • Aluminium utensils industry
  • To make dielectric films for electrolytic capacitors

Salient Feature of Anodizing Rectifier

  • Latest state-of-art technology for economy and accuracy.
  • Decrease loses and provides uniform coating.
  • Microprocessor based systems with programmability
  • Automatic parameter controls of rectifiers.
  • Digital Voltage and Ampere metering with add on like digital display timer.
  • Ramping soft start for controlled duration.
  • Oil cooled / Air cooled models.
  • Heavy duty design for continuous working in Indian climatic conditions.
  • Industry acclaimed product with proven results