What is Automatic Power Factor Control Panel?

Automatic Power Factor Control Panel (APFC Panel) is also known as Power Factor Corrector.

Automatic Power Factor Control Panel – APFC Panel

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  • Why is APFC Panel used?

Poor power factor in electricity brings heavy penalty charges in electricity bill. Hence in order to improve & control the power factor between 0.95 & 1, a power factor corrector or Automatic Power Factor Control panel (APFC Panel) should be installed. Therefore APFC not only corrects poor Power Factor but also fetches rebate in the electricity bill.

  • How APFC panel works?

APFC Panel controls the capacitor bank by introducing or removing the capacitors automatically. As a result the power factor consumption is controlled and improved consequently resulting in incentives in the electricity bill.

  • What types of Capacitor bank used in APFC panel?

There are many types of capacitor bank available for power factor correction. Prominent of these are:

  •  Dry type capacitors
  •  Dielectric type capacitors
  •  Oil filled capacitors
  • APFC Panel Relays:


Most of all APFC panels contains Micro controller based relays to sense the power factor and automatically switch on & off the stages of capacitors to bring back power factor to near unity.  As a result the end consumers can save on the penalty and also gets incentives.

  • What are the advantages of APFC Panels?

First of all an Automatic Power Factor Control Panel (APFC Panel) protects consumer from heavier penalty charges in electric bills and also saves electric consumption.  Furthermore it also earns rebate in terms of incentives.  The investment in APFC panel has roughly 12 to 18 months ROI.