SARAL SYSTEMS is a leading manufacturer of Electrical Control Panel such as

  • Mains HT and LT Control Panel
  • Three phase and Single Phase Control Panel
  • Distribution Control Panel Boards
  • Motor Control Panel
  • APFC Control Panel
  • Electronically controlled and automation Control Panel

To meet the diversified requirements of different type of Control Panel, we at SARAL SYSTEMS caters to these demands with the help of skilfull workforce under the able guidance of well learned professionals having vast knowledge in Control Panel field. The Electrical Control Panels are available in various options as per the requirement of the customers. These Control Panels are thoroughly inspected before being delivered to our prestigious customers.

Electrical Control Panel

  • What is an Electrical Control Panel?

An Electrical Control Panel is a common mechanical enclosure to house various switch-gears and allied components and various electrical and electronics controllers to protect and controls various appliances, machinery and equipment in industry, residential premises and general utility establishments.  The control panel provides centralized control of various motors, appliances, heavy machinery, control equipment and control the lighting of an industry/housing society/commercial premises etc.

  • What are the uses of Electrical Control Panel?

Electrical Control Panel is used in almost all the industries to channelize power distribution from a local electrical room to provide safety and ease of operation.  They also organize power distribution of  power supply from one or more source of electricity supply to multiple region of usage. In effect the Electrical Panel is an assembly of one or more panel boards, or distribution boards each of which contains power circuits/control circuits that controls and allows electricity to be redirected with appropriate protections.

  • What is the role of an Electrical Control Panel?

The role of an Electrical Control Panel is to divide and distribute the incoming power supply and to provide switching on and off, current protection and metering of various electrical parameters. One of the major roles of an Electrical Panel is to control and monitor the power consumption and safety of control equipments from any fault or over current conditions.

  • What are the types of Electrical Control Panels?

Various types of Control Panels on the basis of its use are

  • HT Control Panel
  • LT Control Panel
  • Automatic Power factor Control Panel (APFC)
  • Distribution Control Panel